Monday, December 4, 2017

How being a Youtube Gamer works

Being a Youtuber especially a Gamer is a lot of fun, I have no gripes about it whatsoever except a few things that are pretty normal for anyone even a viewer. Yes it's a don't quit your day job kind of thing unless you start to take off really well but it's also an experience of a lifetime big or small of a channel. We are SO proud of our channel despite the few haters and will never stop doing what we enjoy because not only does it make the bullies angry it makes your fans happy!

Right off the bad I'm going with the bad.

1. Keeping a routine or schedule is as difficult as it is to wake up for school as a teenager.
(you have a lot to deal with as a whole in life and adding a recording and editing schedule makes it even harder and not to mention social media to meet new people and sell your brand as a channel)

2. Dealing with trolls and other idiots who subscribe to youtubers you're not fond of.
(There will always be your fanboys an fangirls who like to troll you or others for basing your opinion we call these Internet Snowflakes, however it's not that bad I've dealt with my share of immature people who say "Your channel will amount to nothing" "You're channel is fake" etc but in the reality of it they just aren't youtubers they're just viewers so they don't understand the stress of it and getting used to Youtube's constantly changing algorithm which I'll talk about later on.)

3. Trying to collaborate with other youtubers when most of them are big headed about themselves.

4. Living up to everyone's fantasized expectations.   

5. People not understand we are humans not robots who make videos for their pleasure.

6. Demonetization and the struggle of actually making a living/continuing.


1. Getting to make your own hours and being your own boss
2. Getting to play video games for a living
3. Meeting new people and getting to know your own community of your channel.
4. Live streaming and chatting with your community.
5. Being able to sleep in and stay up late!
6. Having more free time than if you worked for the man.
7. Getting to go to conventions and meeting other creators.
8. Getting amazing opportunities that wouldn't exist in your life if you didnt believe in yourself and try.
9. The chance to prove yourself to others who doubt you and your goals.
10. It's super fun!

Now back to the topic I said I'd bring up earlier about that comment of people aka viewers not understanding how being a youtuber really works.

In a nutshell Youtube's Algorithm changes at least every few months to match trends and popular topics. Which in turn makes it hard for us creators to keep up with it since 90% of that information is kept secret from us so we can better prepare our channels videos and the time to upload. With school, college and jobs viewers have a harder time watching our videos and sometimes they don't get the chance at all because of having to watch their other favorite creators. When one hears that some moron thinks that you're channel is fake because all videos except for a few have lots of views its hard to explain to them without them getting a stick up their rump and snapping at you for telling them they're wrong.

Some games or topics are more popular than others but as a gamer we upload videos we enjoy not just videos that make us money and that's very immature and selfish minded for people to say that about someones channel just because they have a few videos that are 70 or 150 views while the rest are in the thousands or millions it does happen I see it all the time. It's all because of how Youtube's SEO and feature page works now that's not the feature page you see when you don't have a channel I'm talking about the feature page that is in a search when say you type in Pikachu the first 20 listing is a feature page. When more than 100 other creators are playing the same game or HAVE in the past its not easy to get your video of the same game noticed so we get less views because others have already seen it from someone else. However that doesn't stop us from uploading and playing the game because it's not about you as the viewer all the time; you'd watch us less if we played a popular game we are clearly not enjoying verses a game we enjoy but not as popular anymore.

We love what we do and we love being a Youtube gamer, ignore the idiots in the comments section and appreciate the comments you get even if the English isn't clear or doesn't make sense be happy for what you get and enjoy what you do and keep reaching for the top.

To the basement fanboy who called our channel fake and your research before bashing someone in the comment section it can come back to bite you in the arse. With dedication and hard work you can become a popular youtuber even if it takes 5 years!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

My thoughts on World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft one of the most popular MMO's in the world and still running as one of them. It's full of fantasy and adventure with friends or solo if you're a loser as well as many interesting events with a vivid story depending on the expansion. The game came out in 2004 and is now on its road to a new expansion coming out next year, with plenty of updates to satisfy any troll its no wonder this game has done so well despite your snowflakes who like to complain about anything. Mist of Pandaria bringing into our lives one of the most beautiful and curious expansions in the game it is by far one of my favorites. They even have furries for those who like that kind of jazz. However what catches my eye about MOP is the music and environment with a fantastic storyline and ring of dungeons and raids to keep even a level 110 busy it has very few if any flaws at all.

Despite it's bitchery of people who complained about Garrisons (which I still use) Warlords of Draenor was pretty darn good. Like any expansion it has its ups and downs however the storyline and the world itself is very fun filled with world bosses to your hearts content.

Now onto the gritty and the nitty of World of Warcraft as a whole.
The game itself is amazing however the players are a whole new bowl of soup.
If I had to describe 75% of the players I'd say its like a big bowl of tomato soup with wasabi and dog shit on top. Spicy to your liking but could do without the spammy chat box after taste along with your possible dickbagary of people who enjoy ruining the game for others by taking kills they don't need, killing you for no reason and camping out areas because they live in their moms basement and pay no rent. I feel that if we weeded out the weirdos who spend half their day roleplaying for $15 a month instead of playing the actual game it would be less ridiculous....I mean really $15 a month to roleplay and more than half of it is sexual...get out!

If I had to describe it into farther detail with my own experience I was in a yet still popular guild called Tree of Life amazing people and very helpful! However I came across a few creeps and as a female gamer I was subjected to a 40 year old man who would stalk me whenever I logged on, bitch about his single life and how players are mean to him and how everyone hates him for being a tank. Well I put up with it for a while because I'm a kind person with the patience of a prowling cat however I got to the point where I had to tell my guild members because the guy was hitting on me and I was at the time 17 years old and he wanted me to start calling him Daddy.....yeah no bro just no.

I also met a few love interests on there now World of Warcraft is in no way a dating MMO however its fairly common for this to happen. Though in due time I realized everyone who is on wow in that 75% are lonely people who hope to find their soulmate or soulgamer on World of Warcraft...just enjoy the game and make friends don't be creepy.

I would rate WOW as a whole a 7/10 a 95/100 Great but not Perfect!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A little about myself

I am a 26 year old Geek who dabbles in the love of Anime and Video Games PC and Console. 
I live in a small crap town in Wisconsin where everyone knows everyone and even when you sneeze.
I've been an avid gamer and big anime fan since I was about 5 years old.
My first game ever was Turok! Which got me into loving aggressive flesh ripping monsters.
My first anime was Monster which I saw when I was 6 years old a very gory and psychologically intense anime that gave me chills and thrills for the rest of my life.
Not to brag but I happen to be a master of masters at Tales of series games.
My favorite video game for Console is....Tales of the Abyss or Grandia III (It's a real toss up)
My favorite PC game is World of Warcraft since Cataclysm 
My favorite food is anything Asian!
I am a queen of my own domain in the kitchen it's my throne and I excel at all categories!
I have an IQ of 147 and I'm extremely proud of my intellect.
I have an English Major but plan to do nothing with it just love literature~
I am not a grammar nazi however I do hate how the youth today talks 
I have Anxiety, Dyslexia with Math and tend to type so fast I forget to type like a person.
I am a pretty good anime artist but tend to shy away from commissions.
I am a Youtuber and proud to be one even if I'm small because I get to do this with friends!
I can't go on in life without having my hair a wild color
I am far sighted and near sighted (weird right)
I hate Trump and Phi for trying to take Net Neutrality away from us!
I hate politics but I also hate stupid people who believe Fox News.
I believe in a bright future and try to see the brighter side of things in life.
I tend to be very opinionated and honest however I have an open mind and a heart full of love.
I am Mixed Race and proud to be a mutt of 6 races haha.
I was adopted when I was 3 weeks thanks to my mom for doing so to save my life from my father who was trying to kill me because he was a PTSD Drunk who thought I was the spawn of Satan.
I want to move to California, San Diego to be around people who are a lot like myself.
I used to be a cosplay model for three years before I hated my body when I gained 80lbs from doctors continuously putting me on "Trial Medications" which resulted in my slightly bad health.
I work hard to lose weight and hope to start a Weight Loss Diary for other gamers who struggle like myself in the lazy days compartment and wanting to be healthy while enjoying life at the same time.

That's all haha. Subscribe to my channel to learn more about me because I talk too much!

Monday, November 27, 2017

check out my Youtube channel if you're into that geeky stuff

I am a Youtuber who runs a gaming channel with a few friends.
If you're a geek which you must or why else would you be on this blog then check out the channel I'm currently feasting my geekiness upon Tales of Berseria right now!

Our Gaming Channel Review and why you should use it

Say what you want about shopping online with Asian Online Markets. I've NEVER had an issue with them however I have heard a lot of people complain and it's mostly women. As a female myself I have more of a disappointment with Walmart products that online shopping centers like Wish. I'm going to give you some reasons why you should shop with Wish and complain about the women that complain about using them and why they're just being silly and ignorant.

Fact: Almost all of our products we buy in stores other than groceries come from China, Philippines and Japan and I know a good chunk of you women who complain are Etsy sellers but guess what I feel everyone has a right to make a living, who are you to judge a person by their race as to what they should sell and where it should be sold?! I never read about oh that "name of the shop" is selling Chinese items it's always "those Chinese people" are selling those items on Etsy and ruining it for us! How racist does that sound to you? To me it sounds extremely racist and I've purchased over 467 items from Wish alone and I have to say from the "knock off" I pad to the detox tea they all work amazingly and the I pad has been running like a charm for 4 years now!

Knock off: You think of knock off as something that's not a brand label at least Americans do. If its not Apple or Sony Entertainment it's a knock off. However let me slap you with some reality; in foreign countries that's a brand of their own it's not a knock off it's just not common in America don't judge a product that's foreign until you've tried it for yourself because you might be surprised about how much better quality it is compared to an Apple product.

Bootleg: Now this is for all the Weaboos and Otaku's out there who think they're the bees knees about Anime and Video games but sadly they're not. A bootleg is a product that is deformed or doesn't look like it's original at all. China is the leading seller of Plushies and Figurines yes you will find your con artists but those are in America as well. All of my official plushies say "Made in China" and that's because THEY ALL ARE! Just because it says Japan on some of them doesn't mean Japan doesn't have China make them. As a geek who has been to Japan I can tell you the tags also say China on a lot of them; so I think I'll stick to what I know rather than what I believe from my peers.

Items are cheaper so they must be bad: WRONG! Just because an item is cheaper on Wish doesn't mean it's a piece of crap. As I said above I've purchased over 467 products as of today on Wish and I've had none of them not fit, break or look weird. I really wish people would stop judging foreign countries who sell online based on the fact that its foreign! I've bought some amazing French rose perfume from an online French website but I guess it's a knock off because it's not an American brand right? Rolls eyes it's time to get your head out of your butts and just go try Wish. I can promise you that you wont be disappointed and yes you must actually look at the Size's Asians are thin people not like us fat Americans so make sure to go up a size or two for jewelry, shoes, pants and shirts etc. If you aren't sure what 36 is then Google it.

It make's Christmas and Birthday etc shopping so much easier and for someone who loves to own nice things this definitely fits in my budget for shopping online. They make all the products in China in huge quantities that's why they can get a way with selling it for cheaper not because it's a fake or knock off quality product I got my engagement ring off there for me and my fiance and it was on sale for $50 from $300 titanium steel and black gold (aka Rhodium) a very sturdy and non-tarnishing precious metal in the Titanium family with a 0.7ct Sapphire gem. I don't need a $12,000 diamond ring besides I hate diamonds they're boring and lack emotion.
~Shopping online is revolutionary and it's not a trend it's just a part of our lifestyle

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Afterglow Controller Review

The Afterglow game controller/pad made by PDP is probably one of the best controllers I ever purchased for PC and Console gaming. It's got a nice smooth grip and a very pleasant design. The glow is one of my favorite effects considering I game at night I tend to lose my controllers current whereabouts and it ends up becoming an annoying game of hide and seek...usually it's right in front of me but I'm oblivious to it (You know what I'm talking about don't lie). The glow make's it obvious and it's back to gaming in the computer chair however I do have to make a pro's and cons list to this controller.


1. Very attractive design
2. Larger arms which makes for a better grip
3. Easy to find when you game in the dark
4. Well priced at normally $39.00
5. Wireless!


1. Wireless Piece can get lost really easily which isn't particularly the creators fault
2. Glow turns off after 5 minutes of AFK which can get very annoying.
3. Buttons do tend to stick sometimes (No it's not just me and I own 4 of these it's not a coincidence)

Not many cons but these can all be overlooked because of how amazing this controller is. If you game a lot these controllers will make you very happy.

~It's all fun and games until some idiot yells Lerooooy Jenkins!

Bai Narino Peach Tea Review

Bai Tea has been out for a while now but that wont stop me from reviewing my favorite flavor! Bai Peach Tea has a light sweet and pleasant taste that isn't overwhelming or too bitter. Tea was never meant to be sweet so Sweet Tea can just move out of the way because that's filled with sugar for the "fake tea lovers" Bai has always been a pretty big part of my daily on the go diet when I don't have time to brew my own tea and ice it for that delicious iced tea flavor or Water Fuse I like to grab a Bai from the fridge and trot to the computer for hours of recording and social media flattering.

As a big tea drinker I find it obnoxious and annoying how often I see reviews and or videos of people talking "complaining" about beverages that are actually very good healthy alternatives to sodas. They don't research and actually exam the drink before they run their mouths instead they judge it based on what the "fox news of health freaks" have to say. Here are the great benefits of this drink that health jabbers probably wont talk about.

1. Only 5 calories per serving let's do some math...

18fl divided by 8fl (serving size per serving) is 2.25, 2 in a quarter servings in this whole bottle that's less than 20 calories per bottle! Who could complain about that?

2. Only 5mg of Sodium per serving that's such a tiny amount that its hardly noticeable when you compare it to a 12 oz can of Pepsi which has 30mg or even Mountain Dew which has 65mg.

3. Sugar...there practically is 0! It's 1g per serving that's 2.25g of sugar and it's all natural from tea!

4. (My favorite part) 25% Vitamin C! I don't have to eat those nasty chalky chews anymore, enjoying the taste of peach while getting enough vitamin C to get me through winter...I call that a winner!

5.  It taste amazing!

I don't know about you but I'll ignore the crazies on the internet and believe what I see for myself and how I feel after drinking it. This Tea is wonderful for anyone who lives natural teas with little to no consequences.

~Just because you're a geek doesn't mean you give into the heat, eat well and game long!